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Africa Imports shipping and returns policy for the UK

We asked Africa Imports about their shipping and returns policy.
Their e-mail reply is below.

"We do accept and process orders from the UK. There are two methods of
payment for these orders(Wire Transfer and Paypal). There is a $10.00 fee
when paying with a Wire Transfer. There also is a handling and shipping
charge that is figured out once the merchandise has been packed. You are
giving a choice between FedEx, UPS, and US Mail for shipping. When we first
recieve an International order, each customer is sent the following e-mail.
Once a customer responds and agrees, we process the order.

Thank you for your recent order with Africa Imports. To send orders outside
of the US, there are some extra things needed.

1. We are unable to process credit cards from banks outside of the United
States. We can accept wire transfers or any monies sent to us as long as
they are in U.S. dollars.
2. Unless you choose the shipping company we will ship the least expensive
way, We will tell you the total cost of your order including shipping. But
we will not know the exact cost until after your order is packed.
3. We are not a customs broker and are unable to help you with customs. If
there are any extra charges by the country to which the package is being
shipped, these costs are extra, and are not included in your payment to us.
You may have additional costs for customs and for clearing that are not
included in your bill from us. We are also not responsible for any customs
delays in receiving your order, this is beyond our control and will not be
acceptable as a reason for refusal of the goods sent.
4. If you receive any damaged goods you must contact the shipping company as
soon as possible in order to process any claims. If the item(s) did not
appear to be damaged in shipping contact us as soon as possible so that we
might make sure you are happy with your order. Do not discard the box or
packaging material until the matter is settled.
5. We have a 100% guarantee that you will be happy with the goods sent, but
shipping costs and customs fees are not refundable.

Thank you again for your order and contact us any time with any questions."

Their clothes look excellent, and worth the little bit of extra effort, in our opinion.  Men's and Women's clothing
AFRICA IMPORTS Authentic African clothing. Plus size pant suits,
dresses, traditional fashions, contemporary fashions and wedding clothing.
Choose from a variety of fashions up to 1X, 2X, 3X or 4X

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