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Ghana's EXOPA introduces plus size models in televised fashion show

© Beatwaves Ghana. - Dec.20th 2008 Ghana's premier modelling agency, Exopa, besides its annual Fashion Week event is out with a new standard not common in modelling in Africa or perhaps on the international scene. It is introducing a plus-size modelling platform to help nurture fat models. This is anticipated to bring some competition as well as innovation into the industry.

The agency would be taking the country on an action-packed modelling ride at an extravagant show scheduled for December 24 - X’mas eve - where fleshy ladies for the first time would have the opportunity to strut on the runway. Dubbed “L FASHION NIGHT, the annual event is anticipated to be the first of a kind and would be broadcast live on TV3 for an hour. In an exclusive interview with Beatwaves, CEO of Exopa, Sima Ibrahim said the event was aimed at encouraging plump women to be confident and stop feeling bad about how they look. “People knew modelling to be for slim and nice-looking ladies alone. But it is not like that. Even back in Europe they started using life-size models but we don’t know. Besides, here in Africa every guy prefers having a fleshy woman and not the skinny ones. The big girls also have skills. They are only shy to come out, so that is why I want to give them a chance to showcase what they can do,” he explained

He said over 150 fat ladies were at the auditioning, out of which the agency selected 50 who would be trained alongside their slim counterparts for the event. Last Sunday there was another auditioning to screen more plump ladies.

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