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The fashion Industry is Failing Real Women - Causing Bulimia And Anorexia

We all love to follow the fashion, but if you are that bit bigger, then it can seem a struggle to recreate catwalk trends since the majority of models featured by the big name houses are a size zero or smaller. Designers across the globe have been accused of making irresponsible choices when selecting models to showcase their collections, with impressionable females feeling pressured into attempting to emulate the look they see in glossy magazines by losing weight.

Innocent Diets Can "Spiral Out of Control"
In many documented cases of eating disorders, what starts as an innocent plan to lose a little weight in order to be able to wear the latest styles in the same way as the tiny catwalk models soon spirals out of control. Some women become obsessed with their weight loss results until they begin to demonstrate unhealthy symptoms of conditions such as anorexia and bulimia, including starving themselves or binging and purging. Recent reports also suggest that the ages at which women are falling prey to these food and weight related illnesses are dropping, as young teens and tweens attempt to fight against the development of natural curves just to stay at the cutting edge of fashion. This is despite it being widely accepted that super-skinny shapes are the exception to the norm, with real women displaying a wide variety of body shapes, most of which are much more curvaceous than those that dominate our media.

Crash Diets a "Worrying Trend"
While being overweight can be dangerous to health, the worrying trend of crash dieting and the seemingly consequential surge in the number of cases of eating disorders being diagnosed show just how important it is for all women to take a sensible approach to their body image and size management. In order to help keep a healthy attitude to food and body image, women should be conscious of the bigger picture - placing their overall health above a desire to achieve an almost unattainable ideal. There is no reason why women whose body mass indexes are straying above those for a healthy weight should not visit their local weight watchers group or take up going to the gym but these things should be positive changes, looking to improve on health, rather than drastic action plans with the sole aim of losing weight regardless of the cost to wellbeing.

Women Should Strive for Their Own Ideal
Each woman should look to her own "ideal" weight and shape, and should, if she so desires, strive to be the best possible presentation of herself, since attempting to imitate others is likely to result in disappointment for many and can lead to a dangerous downward spiral, which can result in the development of issues with food. For all women, eating healthily and taking regular exercise are a must - since these pursuits are not only conducive to weight loss but also to the maintenance of good health.

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